Empowering businesses
large and small.

We believe people want direction on where they're going - not directions on how to get there.

We start off the business.
People working in hybrid way.

In today's world,

everything is immediate and urgent. People want more from you, they want you always on, always there, always knowing who they are, always ready to help. They want to trust you, for long!

You are going to a store and you want to purchase a drill, you don't see the drill and you also don't find anyone who can help you. You had a negative experience, right?

88% of customers are unlikely to return if they had a bad shopping experience. From Connect to manage everything needs to be smooth.

But at the same time, we are getting more intimate, personal, authentic, direct.

Think about how you used to shop or interact every day with your friends, family, or even colleagues. But when it comes to e-commerce customer support, things are still static, and slow. We call it impersonal.

Conversational commerce is born to fight this to reimagine e-commerce customer support!

Conversational Commerce is immediate, personal, helpful, humane (even when its a bot)

Conversational commerce is built into MyAlice - your live chat, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber in one unified place to make your online shopping assistants efficient and sell more.

Let's rock and roll with MyAlice. 🎉 Stand out in 24m e-commerce (and growing as we speak) stores worldwide!