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Pivot UI Kit

Helpdesk Built for WooCommerce Store Owners

Manage your WooCommerce orders and support channels from one inbox.

Live chat and unified support


Manage orders from Inbox


Personalized analytics dashboard

customer service helpdesk

Selling on WooCommerce the old way?

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Logging into your store  to share products and manage orders.
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Scrolling through endless Excel rows just to find customer details.
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Zero visibility on your team or agent performance.

Explore the modern way to support and sell on WooCommerce

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Live Chat

Use real-time data to deliver amazing experiences.

Customer Metrics

Manage all your customers' data - contact details, demographics data and user history, from one dashboard.

Agent Metrics

Manage your agents and get individual productivity reports to reward and optimize your support team.

Automation Metrics

From individual ticket details to overall response rate, track how your team is responding to tickets.

CSAT Reports

Set rules to collect user ratings and feedback automatically and get all the reports in one place.
CX Analytics

Automate customers’ repetitive queries.

Ensure 24/7 customer support with chatbot to resolve your customers’ repetitive queries across every channel in multiple languages.
Handover from Bot to Human
Add NLP to support in native language
Automate sequence with no-code chatbots

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Our sales admin can convert sales easier through product recommendation function, and create a new order right from the software.
Kanpong Thaweesuk
Reviewed on G2
Mobile Apps, Live chat, Chat Bots with WooCommerce integrations. What's not to like?
Henry Hoe Yong Zhi
Reviewed on G2
It is the first tool that can connect to LINE.
Zenkoy Khattiyakunlasuk
Reviewed on Trustpilot
UI/UX are smooth and they are offering this amazing tool at an affordable price point. Which is the best key point.
Aniket Hood
Reviewed on G2
I love how easy it is to use - even without reading any documentation, I can easily set up the integration with channels, basic chat bot's auto reply.
Moses Chen
Reviewed on WordPress Repository
My team and I can manage and see the same chats from a single place, a very useful function for live chat on the website.
Rocco Contillo
Reviewed on Capterra
Decent help desk tools are hard to come by. A Helpdesk tool for Shopify is even rarer. MyAlice came out of the gate as the more mature solution of the punch, providing a mobile app which makes it really convenient to answer Customer queries on the go.
Duy Nguyen
Reviewed on Shopify App Store
This is an amazing tool and blessings for woocommerce Store owners, It helps to Streamline and personalize ecommerce customer service with the helpdesk that manages it all in one basket / place.
Jignesh Parmar
Reviewed on Trustpilot
Easy, Convenient and Automated Unified Inbox with Ticketing Built-in
Reviewed on Trustpilot

One tool, all the features you need to sell and support with ease.

Frequently asked questions

Does MyAlice have a WordPress plugin?
Yes, you can download the MyAlice plugin from the WordPress Plugin repository.
Do you have a WooCommerce live chat?
Yes, you can install our WooCommerce live chat on your store website and chat with your web visitors in real-time from MyAlice dashboard.
What happens when I connect my WooCommerce store with MyAlice?
Once you connect your store, you can view your store inventory, customer details, order details, customer summary, product interactions, and past conversations. You can create or update orders while chatting with your customers directly from MyAlice inbox without switching between platforms.

Next, if you install the MyAlice plugin on your store website, you can place a WooCommerce live chat widget on your store website to chat with your store visitors, respond to their queries and guide their shopping journey.

Lastly, you can create chatbots to autorespond to common queries and use your inventory information to automate the complete purchase journey.
How many WooCommerce stores can I connect to MyAlice?
You can create multiple teams and connect one store for each team. The more teams you create, the more stores you have. Additionally, we will be allowing users to connect multiple stores per team by middle of this year, 2022.
How do I get the WooCommerce customer data from the time when my store was originally created?
All your customer data and order history will sync automatically once you connect your store on MyAlice. However, for product interactions, you can view only the data from after you installed MyAlice plugin on your store. Please note that the Product Interaction section contains data on which products the customer has viewed, added in cart, or bought. Learn more about user data here.
Does the inventory on MyAlice change every time I update my WooCommerce store?
Yes. Every time you update anything on your store — product, stock, or price, the information is automatically synced on your MyAlice dashboard. On the other hand, when you create an order from MyAlice, the inventory will also on your WooCommerce dashboard. All in all, WooCommerce and MyAlice sync in real-time.
How do you handle the payment for products?
Once an order is created, you will receive a payment link from our end, which you can share with your customers. Customers can then pay as per the payment system set up in your store. If a customer opts for Cash on Delivery, it would be highlighted accordingly in the checkout menu.
Can non eCommerce users use MyAlice?
We primarily serve the WooCommerce and Shopify community. Nonetheless, non eCommerce companies use MyAlice as a multichannel helpdesk, live chat, or chatbot solution.

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month-over-month increase in sales from customer service.


revenue generated using MyAlice platform in last 3 months only.
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