MyAlice Partner Program

Let’s help brands create engaging ecommerce experiences together. Our goal is to grow together, while ultimately helping scale our mutual clients.

Let's team up

Marketing firm, development agency, automation strategists, ecommerce experts, designers, freelance developers... this program is for you.

Agency & Freelancer

This program is geared toward development, digital marketing agencies and freelancers, who manage tech stack for their clients.


Open a wealth of growth opportunities through building onto MyAlice’s API. Reach brands to provide value across the ecommerce ecosystem.


You're an existing MyAlice client, and you want to share your experience with friends and peers. You plan on sharing via social media, blog posts, etc.


This program is for social influencers, content publishers, educators, or video creators who want to promote MyAlice to their audience.

Why partner with us

Lead sharing

Generate leads through our agency directory and get leads whenever we have a customer that needs your services.

Revenue sharing

Receive revenue share for MyAlice customers you refer or manage. Get rewarded with an industry leading commission.

Dedicated support

Get a dedicated partner manager to stay in constant communication and give the best support to your clients.

Marketing support

We will help drive awareness for your business with personalized co-marketing initiatives, and much more.

Intent train chatbots to interpret the intentions of enquirers.

“MyAlice gives us a great platform with amazing support to create solutions that our clients love.”
Manuel Ho
Founder & CEO, Intnt

It's easy to get started

step 1

Join the Program

Fill out the partnership program application to tell us more about your company. We'll get back to you with more details.

step 2

Learn about MyAlice

You will have your own dedicated support team, and ongoing training to assist you in become, and scale as, MyAlice expert.

step 3

Grow Together

Gain exposure through co-marketing, inclusion in our agency directory, and early access to new features to remain ahead of the curve.

Become a Partner

Curated for their technical expertise

Frequently asked questions

Are there any fees to join the Partner Program?

Absolutely not! We want to work together as a team and reward you for your investment, time, and trust.

How are referrals tracked?

For affiliate partners, MyAlice will provide you with an affiliate URL link via Rewardly. Once your contact sign-ups and completes the payment, they'll be considered as your referrals and will be automatically updated in Rewardly. For agency/channel/developer partners who play a more involved role in closing sales, a tracking system specific to their preferred option can be set up upon discussion.

How do I get paid?

MyAlice disburses payouts when a minimum of $500 have accumulated in your partner account. Payments are usually disbursed via Stripe, Paypal, or direct bank transfer. This can be set up based on cost convenience and partner’s preference.

How much commission do I get?

For referral partners MyAlice will offer a 50% one time commission for each subscription. For agency/channel/developer partner involved with MyAlice in doing business development and co-marketing campaigns together- MyAlice will offer a 20% Monthly recurring commission for each subscription.

What are the differences between referral partner and agency partner?

Referral partners can be anyone from a content creator to a developer to an agency. Referral partners act on their own accord to refer users to MyAlice and maintain a very low touch point in converting the customer. Agency or developers maintain a close relationship with MyAlice and require a contract signing to get started. There are also more benefits to being an agency or developer partner. To find out these perks contact our partner team at

Do I get a demo account?

Signing up for MyAlice is simple. Our team will be happy to get you started with the platform so that you can run free with it.

If I am a referral partner, how do I promote MyAlice?

Blog posts, videos, tutorials, social media posts, Whatsapp marketing, or use any promotional channel that works best for your audience. The internet is your oyster! Our marketing team will be happy to help you where possible.

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Let’s work together and help brands create engaging ecommerce experiences.