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A workspace for all your WhatsApp communication. Sales, marketing and customer support from a single WhatsApp number.

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The fastest growing communication platform built on official WhatsApp cloud APIs. You no longer need multiple tools for your teams and can work with a single platform.

Work together

Your customers are on WhatsApp. All the time. So when they’re looking to buy, and they message you, they’re at their moment of highest intent. Engaging with these visitors through a team collaboration inbox.

Shared inbox for teams
Assign conversations to agents
Measure agent performance

Convert, not just converse

When customers come to your store intending to buy something, you need to help him as much as possible. Which includes placing the order for him. With MyAlice deep eCommerce integration, you can now do it with a single click while chatting with your customer.

Order create, update or refund
Product recommender
Automated updated inventory

Communicate, at scale

Customers who message you on WhatsApp are your most engaged customers and prospects. Have personalized conversations with them at scale – so you can engage, qualify, and convert them in real time, day or night.

Send personalized messages
Make the messages interactive
Set up segmented campaigns
Unified inbox for Multichannel Support
Number of Agents
Only One
Team Management
Closing Icon
Deep eCommerce Integration
Closing Icon
Closing Icon
Agent Metrics
Closing Icon
Customer Data and Order History
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Get verified business account o

As an official BSP, we work with WhatsApp to help you get verified because customers love and trust the green tick on your business account. Deliver a branded customer experience on WhatsApp.

Trusted by people like you

"Our sales admin can convert sales easier through product recommendation function, and create a new order right from the software."

"UI/UX are smooth and they are offering this amazing tool at an affordable price point. Which is the best key point."

"MyAlice came out of the gate as the more mature solution of the punch, providing a mobile app which makes it really convenient to answer customer queries on the go."

"I love how easy it is to use - even without reading any documentation, I can easily set up the integration with channels, basic chat bot's auto reply."

"This is an amazing tool and blessings for store owners, helps to streamline and personalize ecommerce customer service with the helpdesk that manages it all in one basket/place."

"Mobile Apps, Live chat, Chat Bots with WooCommerce integrations. What's not to like?"

"My team and I can manage and see the same chats from a single place, a very useful function on the website."

"Easy, convenient and automated unified Inbox with ticketing Built-in."

Frequently asked questions

Does MyAlice give me a number or may I set up my own number as my Official WhatsApp number?

Bring your own number. You can give us any valid number (from any country) and we can set it up as your Official WhatsApp API number. We will send a One Time Password (OTP) to verify that you own the number. Remember that once you set up a number on the Official WhatsApp API, you cannot downgrade to a WhatsApp Business Account or regular WhatsApp Account.

What if I want to re-use a number? I already have a WhatsApp number to talk to my customers.

Yes, you can re-use a number but you’d need to delete your existing WhatsApp account before we activate it as your Official WhatsApp API number.

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After using MyAlice for 4 months, they witnessed a whopping 15% month-over-month increase in sales that came from customer service alone.


month-over-month increase in sales from customer service.


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