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The fastest growing communication platform built on official WhatsApp cloud APIs. You no longer need multiple tools for your teams and can work with a single workspace.

Generate campaigns through WhatsApp template message

Create campaigns and send them out to all your loyal customer base via broadcasting. Increase your sales on special occasions and during the holiday season!

Send welcome message on WhatsApp

After shooting a broadcast message to your customer base, those who sign-up send them a welcome message on WhatsApp with a generous offer that they can’t refuse!

List products, sell, and collect payments via WhatsApp

WhatsApp Commerce is definitely the future for a lot of businesses out there. Same like how you have a catalog of products on a Shopify store, you can list products on your WhatsApp business account, allow customers to add products to cart, and make payments effortlessly via payment gateways.

Upto 60% abandoned cart recovery via automated triggers

Send WhatsApp notifications to all the users dropping off after adding products to your cart. Creatively design your messages so that it turns into a sale!

Send shipping notifications

Send automated shipping notifications after every sale has been completed to your customers so that they can track their orders throughout the process!

Send relevant upsell messages to customer’s WhatsApp

If your product needs repeated usage for a longer period to get results, then why not ask the customer to re-order? Great for increasing the lifetime value of the customer.

Order confirmation messages that sell

Your customers pay the most attention to the order confirmation message because it’s the first message they receive after making the payment. Why not turn this attention into a sales opportunity? That's now possible with WhatsApp.

Offline to online sale via QR code

Driving traffic from offline to online has become easy with the widespread adoption of QR codes. How about making a big bold offer on your product packaging to provoke customers to buy again from your brand? With QR codes, it’s easy for customers to scan and instantly start a conversation on WhatsApp and eventually buy.

Collect feedback through WhatsApp

How about sending automated messages to collect feedback from your customer? If they express positive feedback how about instantly recommending a new product to buy? Yes! That's possible with WhatsApp.

Stay with your customers 24/7 with WhatsApp chatbots

With our smart chatbot tool resolve all the FAQ’s without engaging your agent’s precious work hours! Meet up your customer’s thirst by giving replies even at midnight and on holidays!

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