10 Best Shopify Agencies to Work with in 2022

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10 Best Shopify Agencies to Work with in 2022

Building your store's online presence has become more important than ever with the increasing demand of eCommerce businesses. From website development to brand marketing to launching, there are countless aspects that you need to pay close attention to.

It requires more work than just building the website - providing customers with a satisfying experience, branding for your business, SEO, etc. The list goes on.

The question is, how are you going to do it all alone? There's an easy solution.

You don't have to be jack-of-all-trade; instead, delegate your work to professionals who will take of the rest. There remains this important question — who should I work with?

To end your worry of researching countless Shopify agencies before picking the right one, we have rounded up a list of the 10 best Shopify Agencies you can put your trust in.

Coldsmoke Creative

Since 2015, this Shopify development agency, based in the USA,  has aimed to help businesses look presentable and get them discovered. Coldsmoke Creative is a Shopify Experts agency, which means you can rely on them for any Shopify store needs.

Coldsmoke Creative specializes in both Shopify and Shopify Plus. Thus, they can help you migrate to either platform while ensuring that all your customer and product data, content, are transferred perfectly.

They guide you through the new platform. The agency also offers Accessibility Development services and full-stack Shopify website design and development services.

Their team helps turn your store go headless to improve customer experiences.

Rainy City

Moving to the second one, we have Rainy City on our list. A Shopify agency based in the UK, Rainy City, has been working with businesses since 2017 with a team that has a combined experience of 60 years.

With its consultative approach, Rainy City can help you with Shopify design and full-stack web development. Their team has the skills required to create an eCommerce strategy, plan UX while keeping your business goals in mind, come up with an efficient plan to allocate your budget, and utilize your resources accordingly.

After the Shopify store is developed, their team of experts also helps with conversion rate optimization, website audits, app steups, make any changes when necessary.


Digismoothie can help with Shopify store development if you want to build a new store. If you already have a store, they can assist you with integrations, minor design changes, and feature additions.

Digismoothie is a Shopify agency with more than 10 years of experience in eCommerce. So, you can trust them to help with conversion rate optimization, speed optimization, boosting of average order value, etc.


Located in Vietnam, OceanSoft Corporation, the company behind Litcommerce, was founded in 2011 as a service provider for outsourcing. Litcommerce is a SaaS platform using eCommerce businesses to list and sell their products while managing the data in one platform.

As an eCommerce business owner, you can upload bulk product listings with just one click,  sell your products, and enjoy automatic synchronization between your store and marketplace in terms of your product listings, orders, and inventories.

The company is also behind LitExtension Store Migration, a reliable Shopify agency for migrating stores to Shopify.


CedCommerce has been in the front line of eCommerce solution providers, helping merchants optimize their business and expand globally. With a well-coordinated team of 1000+ professionals, CedCommerce assists businesses scale up their presence online and elevating their eCommerce experience every day.

The wide range of solutions and services includes marketplace integration solutions, tailored apps, content, digital marketing services, and much more.

As Shopify experts, CedCommerce endeavors to simplify online selling via sophisticated and customized solutions. Serving the Shopify ecosystem since 2015, CedCommerce is trusted for delivering high-end products & services, from Store Set-Up, App Development, and SEO services.

Furnishing excellence is what CedCommerce is known for. CedCommerce is also partnered with 50+ partners including Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace, and Walmart.


Based in Sweden, Zago is a Shopify Plus agency that can help you with various Shopify needs. Zago can do web graphics, branding, full-page design, UX analytics, and features a design in graphics design.

This Shopify agency can also help you set up your store, API, integrations, theme building, etc. Zago also offers marketing and strategy services where they will help you with your brand strategy, ROI analytics, A/B testing, among others.


Rewind can help you protect your SaaS data, run tests, and ensure that your business data is in a form that is ready to be audited. This Canada-based Shopify agency can help you have more secure backups to cushion against accidental deletions, spiteful attacks, or software conflicts, as it has been helping others since 2015. You can also add new currencies, test new apps outside your primary environment, copy your store in other languages to match your customer's tongue, and make it possible for merchants to place bulk orders.


Established in India in 2014, IT-Geeks is a Shopify Experts agency that can set up or redesign your Shopify store, enhance your website's loading speed, and migrate you from another platform to Shopify.

IT-Geeks also acts as a Shopify SEO agency as they have experts to help you achieve your SEO goals and get ahead of the competition.

The Fashion Circle

Based in the UK, this Shopify agency has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry as a brand, retailer, and service provider. As a Shopify partner, The Fashion Circle can assist you in any aspects of your eCommerce business, including website development, order fulfillment, website audit, customer service, and more.

Ashwood Agency

Ashwood Agency is a Shopify digital marketing agency that can help you with marketing needs of different types. Ashwood can help you with web design tailored to your needs, email marketing, mobile marketing, landing pages, Google Analytics integration, and more. They also offer print media services if you ever need them.

A Few Final Words

Choosing the right agency is absolutely essential for your Shopify site. So, working with the best Shopify development agencies or Shopify digital marketing agencies only can help you achieve your desired outcome. Since you have a list of options to go for, get in touch with them to grow your business.

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