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5 Perks of using a chatbot for e-commerce customer service

Abdullah Rayhan

Content Writer

Five Perks of using a chatbot for e-commerce customer service

A precise, quick, and practical answer is what your customers look for when they contact your e-commerce customer service. But delivering such a flawless response may not always be possible if you are talking about human employees. However, this is not the case with automated systems.

A chatbot can contribute a lot to your overall business with its unbeatable performance and incomparable precision. If you are still unsure whether to use a chatbot or not, then take a look at our discussion below. Here, we have mentioned the 5 perks of using a chatbot for e-commerce customer care.

These points can show you the side of customer service that just makes sense. Applying the following points to your existing e-commerce customer service can boost the sale well.

1. Reduces Customer Support Cost

Good things don't always have to be expensive. In fact, a better alternative can be cheaper. At least, this is the case with e-commerce customer service. If you do extensive research, you may find that chatbots can reduce the cost at certain points.

Firstly, a chatbot can cost as little as $50 a month, where a human customer service agent demands at least $25 per hour. This amount rounds up to $3500 a month for a single agent if they work 7 hours a day.

Not only this, you have to set up a workstation with an internet connection, and a computer for each worker. As a result, The electricity bill and internet bill can increase the overall cost by a lot.

The worst part is, even after investing all the money on human agents, you may not get the efficiency a chatbot can provide. This is why reducing cost can increase productivity.

2. Constant availability

An average person works for around 8 hours per workday. But, a customer doesn't maintain such a routine. They may need to contact your customer service at any point of the day. However, as your agents won't always be around, your customer may have to leave empty-handed.

You don't want that. Because disappointing a customer is the last thing you need. Being constantly available is the only solution in this case. But that's tough to manage with human agents.

So what do you do? Automating your customer service is the answer. Chatbots are software. They don't need rest or sleep. Your customer will have them by their side whenever they need. This availability will put a good impression on your business, and your company will gain the valuable trust of customers.

3. Instant Reply

Statistics show that 60% of customers leave the conversation if they have to wait for more than a minute. Unfortunately, a human agent may require up to 5 minutes to do their research in order to find the proper response. You probably realize how severe the effect of such delay can be.

The recommended response time for customer service is 30 seconds which is very improbable to achieve with a human employee. However, a chatbot can provide more than the requirement.

Chatbots can be designed to provide instant replies to any query of your customer. Such a response also shows that you value your customer's time. Here, at the same time, you are giving your customer a good experience and gaining their trust.

4. Engaging Conversation

A reason why many people tend to consider human employees over chatbots is the tone of the response. However, many modern chatbots imitate this attribute and talk empathetically as well. In fact, chatbots have the potential to generate more engaging conversations than humans.

One of the best ways of engaging a customer is by showing them the offers and deals they will like. However, finding out the best deal for a customer requires close observation of what the customer is conversing about. A human will take a long time identifying a customer's preference and finding the right offer for them. But a chatbot can do this instantly.

In addition, a chatbot can store the data of a previous customer and use that information to engage with an old customer in a more friendly manner. Chatbots' ability to remember and utilize crucial information can keep a customer engaged in a conversation for a longer time.

5. More engagement

The majority of online shoppers are millennials. Around 37% of the e-shopper are aged 25-34, and more than 60% of them prefer chatbots over human agents.

As millennials are the center of future e-commerce, you should arrange your business in accordance with their preference from now on. 14% of the people aged between 14-30 will just leave a conversation if confronted with a human agent. And this number is increasing day by day.

These numbers clearly imply that chatbot engages more customers in conversation. Such engagement paves the path for trust, sales, and customer loyalty. All these are much more valuable than the price you pay for your chatbot.

Almost 67% of the e-commerce site uses automated customer service mainly due to the perks discussed above. You probably have realized by now why chatbot can be a better option for your online business.

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