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6 Things to Check When Automating Your E-commerce Customer Service

Abdullah Rayhan

Content Writer

Six Things to Check When Automating Your E-commerce Customer Service

It’s only normal that you want more people to interact with your e-commerce site. But in most cases, your e-commerce customer service can get overwhelmed to satisfy the queries of various leads. As a result, you may end up losing the opportunity to grow your business.

But it’s never too late to work on your mistakes.

A chatbot is definitely the best option when it comes to online customer service. But certain significant factors can turn this boon into a disaster.

As we said earlier, your chatbot can disappoint you and your customer if you don’t use it right. But you can easily avoid this. Here are 6 things you should keep in mind when moving towards automation. By the end of this article, you will get a clear idea about how you should use a chatbot for e-commerce and increase the rate of interaction with customers.

1. Adapt An Omnichannel Strategy

You have potential customers everywhere on the internet and you can reach out to them by developing an omnichannel structure. When you are advertising your business on social media or other sites, the customers will look for a simpler way to know more about your business.

For example, if someone stumbles upon your ad on Facebook, chances are they will not go to the browser to interact with your site.

You may not know this but 73% of the customers actually come from different channels. This is why having an omnichannel system helps. It exposes your business to a larger audience.

2. Prevent Your Chatbot From Acting Like Human

Automated customer service should let their users know what they are doing. If you think making your chatbot act like a real human will attract more interaction then you are wrong.

Most of the customers have nothing against automated customer service as long as they are getting what they’re looking for. In fact, the majority of millennials prefer chatbots rather than real human agents.

Pretending also leads to a bad impression. When your chatbot is pretending to be human, your customer will change their expectations accordingly. Unfortunately, the automated response won’t be able to satisfy those expectations in most cases. As a result, your customer may get disappointed.

So present your automated customer service in the way it is.

3. Use Cloud Performance With Automation

One of the most frustrating experiences of a customer is waiting for their questions to be answered. Research showed that almost 33% of customers are irritated when they are put on hold. 75% of this on-hold time is actually spent after researching the customer and their query.

This problem can be tackled only by knowing about the customer beforehand. But can it really be done? Well, it is very easy to do with automation integrated with cloud performance. It is a system where users’ data is stored in cloud storage for later usage.

This way when the same user returns with a new issue it becomes easy to provide an effective solution based on their past information. As a result, the customer gets the best solution within a short duration.

4. Focus On Generating Conversation

The majority of the people prefer knowing something from a conversation rather than reading about it in an article. The same goes for knowing about a product or purchasing it. Your customer prefers staying in chat rather than going to some link to perform any action.

This is why try to fulfill your customers' needs by generating conversation. For example, if your customer is interested in purchasing a service or product don’t give them a link that will direct them to the specific item. Rather allow your customer to make a purchase through the conversation.

This way your customer will get a more comfortable experience. The ease of the process may even inspire them to make more purchases.

5. Keep Your Whole Team Informed

An overwhelmed e-commerce customer service may already struggle with communication and clarity when it comes to clearing a ticket. You have to make sure not to confuse your customer service agents even further.

The best way to do this is by collaborating on a project management tool like Slack or Trello. You can also look for a chatbot software that comes with dashboard options from where you can easily assign tickets and see the whole picture at a glance.

When your team is updated, everyone will be on the same page. And automation will not be able to create any confusion within your query agents.

6. Learn & Grow

You won’t always be able to satisfy every customer and that’s okay. In fact, this can be a golden opportunity for you to improve the quality of your customer service. Observe the points that disappointed your customer. Or just simply look at the last part of each conversation.

Noticing these things will give you insight into what your customer wants and needs. You can work on these points so that the future customers can get their satisfaction. For example, your customer can get irritated if it asks about the price of a product, and your chatbot replies with the link to the product instead of the price.

Fixing this type of significant issue will improve the customer’s experience and generate more engagement and sales.

Automating e-commerce customer service can be one of the best strategies to engage more people in your business. But it can backfire if you don’t use this technology properly.

This is why we recommend you maintain these 5 points and make your e-commerce customer service more satisfactory for your customers.

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