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Hiring E-commerce Customer Service Agents: An Ultimate Guide

Abdullah Rayhan

Content Writer

Hiring E-commerce Customer Service Agents: An Ultimate Guide

Unsatisfying customer service can lead to failure, no matter how well presented your business is. An e-commerce customer service agent represents the whole team. They are the ones your customers interact with. So, you can understand why it is so important to make sure your customer service agents are fit for the post.

But how do you know that you are hiring the right person? We can help you with that. Here we will talk about the 9 traits of a perfect agent for e-commerce customer service.  If you find a candidate with the following attributes, you can hire them without any hesitation.

1. Quick Learner

The most crucial purpose of a customer service agent is to provide the customers with the answers they are looking for. But no one can certainly know solutions to all queries.

When a customer service agent gets a complicated question, they may need to do a bit of research to come up with an answer. Simply put, they have to learn the answer before they can help the customer. But the learning period should not be more than 30 seconds because around 60% of the customers will hang up the call if they have to wait on hold for a minute.

For this reason, a customer service agent has to be a quick learner to reply with the most effective answer quickly. But how do you know if your candidate has this ability? There are a few ways you can test that out. If you take the time to do so your company will be equipped with strong customer service.

2. Problem-solving skill

An e-commerce site is not only about selling products. The matter of maintaining a relationship with customers is a crucial part as well. It generates more sales and also brings reputation to the company.  But how do you maintain a good relationship with your customers?

You can do that by properly solving their problems. Only around 4% of the customers complain about an issue that they are facing. May the problem be regarding the product or the returning process, the customers demand a solution within a minute. However,  it can put a good impression on your company, if you can provide them an answer instantly.

An experienced customer service agent can provide instant solutions without any difficulty. So either hire an experienced candidate or train the applicants before appointing them. The best option is to pick the applicant who already has the skill. But your problem doesn’t end here.

It can be difficult to differentiate a problem solver from a problem bringer. A slight misjudgment here can cause heavy loss. However, there are a few interview questions you can ask that can help you assess your customer’s quality.

3. Communication skill

Communication is the essence of customer service. It is what customer service mainly does. So it goes without saying that your customer service agent needs to have excellent communication skills.

Such communication skills comprise certain things such as effective listening, quick thinking, organizing thoughts before speaking, and maintaining the perfect tone. Therefore, an agent with all these qualities can be a good asset.

So go for such fluent conversationalists. They can make your customer feel at home. And just like this, you can have regular customers just through a good customer service agent.  

You can assess your candidate’s communication skills while interviewing. As an e-commerce customer service agent, their communication skill should work as a method of generating more conversation. Ask them open-ended questions and notice their response.

4. Attitude

People don’t like to be treated like numbers that someone will process and work on. But, from a perspective, this is what happens at a customer care service. The customers work as data. They give out information for the agents to work with.

Well, people don’t like to feel like this. Many customer service agents talk in a robotic tone in the name of being formal. But the truth is you can be formal and have a friendly attitude. People love this type of jolly behavior.

A happy agent can cheer up a customer as well. This is enough to gain customers’ trust. For this reason, you should try to hire a jolly candidate for the post of the customer service agent.

Its not easy to evaluate the attitude of a person. However, once the candidate starts working it will eventually be apparent if the customers are comfortable with the candidate. This will tell you whether you can keep them for the post or not.

5. Empathetic behavior

This point can be considered as the extended part of the previous one. It matters a lot what your customer experiences while interacting with your customer service. Therefore, you definitely have to emphasize this aspect.

Empathetic behaviors can make a customer feel more connected and understood. A study has shown that 90% of the consumers want empathy from customer service. And 86% of the customers agree that empathy is important to foster loyalty.

Easing the frustration of unsatisfied customers is one of the most crucial tasks of a customer service agent. A candidate who is aware of this matter and can perfectly project empathy will win many clients’ trust.

6. Knowledge about the product

Quick, precise, and practical solutions are all customers ask when they contact a customer support center. However, an agent can only provide such service, if they are perfectly aware of what they are dealing with.

The worst thing your customer service agent can do is disappointing a customer with the wrong information. However, it can be equally as bad, if your customer leaves empty-handed. The solution to this problem is to keep your customer service agents updated.

Recruit candidates who have enough knowledge about your business and products. Or hire the applicants who are eager enough to learn. This way, your customers will never have to leave with the frustration they came with.

This can be easy to evaluate. Ask some basic questions about your service and slowly go into the details. It will also help you to identify the attentive candidates for the post.

7. Excellent time management skill

A customer will value your business if you value their time. As we have already discussed, it is crucial to provide your customer with a quick answer. You have to understand the problem, do your research, and come up with a response in less than a minute. You are not doing this only for the customer you are talking to at the moment.

At a customer support center, there are always people waiting for their turn. But, unfortunately, 13% of the customers don’t wait for their turn and leave once they see that the line is busy.

Well, it is not possible to keep customer care “not busy.” But with good time management, it is possible to interact and satisfy more consumers. So do evaluate your candidate’s time management skills before hiring them. You can easily do it with a simple test.

Keeping every customer satisfied is very difficult, and at the same time, it is extremely important. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you appoint the right person as your representative, your customers will always be satisfied. Our discussion above can help you find the perfect candidate among numerous applicants.  

Having a robust all-in-one customer service platform is as important as hiring good customer service agents as they will need a platform to manage customer information effectively. MyAlice gives eCommerce store owners the ultimate platform to pair with customer service agents as their multichannel sales platform and customer datalab makes online selling hassle-free.

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