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MyAlice Redefined its LiveChat!

Amit Pramanik

Demand Generation Manager

Live Chat Helpdesk

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Today, we're super excited to announce the brand new all-in-one MyAlice Live Chat.

Since 2019, we've always worked hard to bring the best website chat experience for our customers around the world. Today marks a new era at MyAlice as our live chat has been totally rebuilt to offer a brand-new website experience.

This new live chat doesn't only pave the way for a better conversational experience but also establishes MyAlice as an all-in-one multichannel support tool for brands around the world.

So, what’s new in this LiveChat?

We tried to build something much more than traditional live chat software. This new Live Chat is a complete redesign offering a better focus on multichannel communication, social commerce, and human relationships.

Drive your website visitors into your socials where they really do reply 🚘

Now you can drive your website customers into your socials where they really do reply. Connect as many channels as you want in this new LiveChat support!

Craft social commerce experiences right from your website 🛍️

Recommend products to your customers on live chat. So, you and your agents don't have to switch between inbox, website, and spreadsheets to copy-paste product links. Craft powerful buying experiences on any channel whether it WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, Viber, Instagram, or Messenger.

Create an automated Pre-chat survey to collect customer information 🙋

Create an automated Pre-chat survey to get your customer’s information. Profile them and use that for further targeted marketing campaign.

Customize the greetings and visual elements as per your business needs 🎨

Customise the greetings in any language to make it appropriate for your business. MyAlice new LiveChat’s extensive customization capability gives you an edge. You can change the widget, fonts and visual elements as per your business needs. You can even use your logo as the chat head.

Send attachments and let your customers to do the same 📎

You can send audio messages, attachments and photos and you can let them send the same from their end in this new Live Chat.

Get customer satisfaction scores from the chat or on any channel ⭐

Let any of your customers rate their support experience straight from the Live Chat. Whenever they want.

Wait, we are not done yet, your customers will never feel lost after knocking you on LiveChat for support! Cause they can always come back into any previous conversations that are still open and get the conversation history right away.

We tried to build something much more than traditional live chat software. With this new version of LiveChat, we are bringing your socials into your website and solving one of your biggest problems simultaneously; which is reaching out to your customers where they reply. So, now when customers come to your website and open the LiveChat to get some support, you can set it up in a way so that, they have to message you in your WhatsApp Business Number or any channel. And Voila! You get your most desirable customer information without even asking for it! Retargeting website visitors was never been this much easier!

In a nutshell, it is the new generation live chat featuring responsiveness, lightweights, and multichannel taste. And it is just getting started so we're really excited to hear your feedback. Migrate your existing Webchat now and get early access to this new revolutionized LiveChat. We will automatically transition your old Webchat roughly after 30 days.

How do you migrate your existing Webchat to this new revolutionized LiveChat?

1. Headover to Integration

Your integrated webchats will have a “Migrate” button beside their title. Click on them to start the migration process.

2. Customize Livechat

Once your Webchat has been migrated, you’ll be taken to the customization modal. You can customize your livechat experience the way you want!

3. Implement Your New Livechat!

Headover to installation tab in customization modal and copy and paste the code snippet just before the end of the </footer> section of your website's backend. You can also email the script to your developer for implementation.

4. That is it!

Make sure that the widget is installed and showing on your site, otherwise if you may run into issues with your widget behavior, please contact support team to assist you.

Once your previous webchat is migrated to the latest one, you can start customizing your new livechat the way you want! Read the documentation on how you can set up greetings for your customers, customize widget, add pre-chat survey and many more.

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