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Nine Shopify Developers and Marketing Agencies in the Philippines

Oishee Eerada Maudud

Partner Marketing Executive

9 Shopify Developers and Marketing Agencies in the Philippines

If you are an eCommerce business owner based in the Philippines who want to take their business to the next level using Shopify, you have come to the right place.

Delivering a seamless customer experience through an intuitive website assisted by robust tools is important for your eCommerce business to succeed, and Shopify helps you achieve just that.

Don’t you think you need expert’s help to get your store up and running? To help you with that, we’ve enlisted some Shopify developers and marketing agencies.

So here are the 9 Shopify agencies that are based in the Philippines listed here — mostly Shopify developers and marketing agencies. If you wonder how to sell on Shopify in the Philippines or which Shopify Experts you can hire in the Philippines, this article has all the questions answered.

9 Shopify Developers and Marketing Agencies

We've picked the following agencies for you. Without any further ado, let’s jump right in!

  • Skyrocket Studios
  • LeapOut Digital
  • PurpleClick
  • Lokal
  • Virtual Growth Agency
  • Mike Wagan
  • August 99
  • Truelogic
  • Increment Tech

Skyrocket Studios

Skyrocket Studios is a team of professionals you would want to work with regardless of your company size. They will develop brand strategies that correspond with the latest trends while making your brand stand out using eye-catching graphics and copy.

You can also rely on Skyrocket Studios to manage your content and social media presence. They will produce relevant infographics, conduct competition analysis, produce content that reflect your brand’s voice, maintain a content calendar, and more to manage your social media to the best of their abilities. They also produce animations, execute campaigns, and more to bring your campaign to life.

You can also entail Skyrcoket’s assistance to take care of your brand’s digital marketing, look over PR and influencer marketing, and website and app development.

LeapOut Digital

LeapOut Digital helps optimize your Shopify stores for search engines so that more intent-driven users visit your website, resulting in higher conversion and sales.

LeapOut conducts a site audit to spot mistakes impeding your SEO growth and does keyword research to identify relevant keywords for your brand. They also revise on-page elements to make the technical elements of your site more user-friendly and be better optimized.  

LeapOut’s team also puts effort into link building to enhance your backlink profile, creates content that resonates with your brand, and designs collection pages so that navigation is a breeze.

Lastly, they also provide you with thorough monthly SEO reports and Shopify sales reports for you to assess how well your efforts are paying off.


As a part of their eCommerce plan, PurpleClick Philippines’s team will build a Shopify website for your eCommerce business where customers can easily purchase your products, and all your marketing campaigns will land upon it.

The team will also coordinate between your business, payment gateway services, and logistics providers and audit the Shopify website to ensure it functions well.

They will also share educational content with you for guidance, set up ad accounts across different platforms, and optimize your website to drive traffic.


Lokal is a Shopify partner agency whom you can trust to build an easy-to-use Shopify website, help you maintain it, and market your business for the best results.

The eCommerce websites Lokal helps build are made to deliver a good purchasing experience, convenient catalog management, ensure compliance and do calculations for shipping and tax, help distribute promotions such as coupons and discounts, and much more.

Virtual Growth Agency

Virtual Growth Agency offers you responsible and proactive virtual assistants for your Shopify business with somewhat different offerings from the other agencies in this blog. Virtual Growth Agency offers you assistance in three major areas of your business- administration, Shopify, and creative/technical.

You can request help in administrative tasks such as finding prospects on social media channels, updating spreadsheets to help you stay on top of things, audio transcription, conducting email marketing, following up on emails, data entry, etc.

You can also outsource tasks related to the Shopify platform itself, such as custom UI development, setting up the store, store design, setting up of Shopify account, etc. Virtual Growth Agency can also help you manage orders and inventory, carry out order fulfillment, process refunds, and provide customer service.

Virtual Growth Agency also helps with creative tasks like graphic design, brand identity determination, and technical tasks like website migration.

Mike Wagan

Mike Wagan has been in the eCommerce development industry since 2007 and has worked with more than 100 businesses to help them be lucrative. Mike Wagan is also a verified Shopify Expert, so you know you can rely on him and his team for all your Shopify needs.

The team can help you develop your Shopify store from scratch while supporting you throughout your business journey. They can also assist you in Shopify store migration from other platforms like Magento or Bigcommerce to Shopify. You can also avail of their services to help you redesign your Shopify store to provide an improved experience for your valued customers.

August 99

August 99 helps you build visually appealing and user-friendly websites for your eCommerce business to thrive. You can do both through August 99- build a website from the beginning or customize a Shopify theme according to your needs.

With August 99’s help, you can add custom categories to your store site, display your best-selling products on the home page, put in custom functionalities such as customer loyalty programs, and attach forms for sign-ups and questions to your website. You may also choose to integrate payment gateways. The team will ensure that the website is as easy-to-use on mobile devices as it is on PCs and laptops.


Truelogic can produce a custom design for your website following Shopify’s standards so that your store is user-friendly regardless of what devices visitors use to browse your website. Their team also offers customization on any pre-installed Shopify themes to maintain the theme’s standards while the design caters to your needs. Truelogic’s designers also conduct tests to ensure everything works smoothly, and there are no problems.

You can also rely on them for data migration from an older website to your Shopify one while ensuring all data remains intact. You do not need to worry about any lost products, customers’ cart information, orders, reviews, etc.

They also help eCommerce businesses like yours develop an SEO strategy that is bound to bring results for your Shopify store to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Increment Tech

Increment Tech offers web development services. Using various technologies, the team will make you a Shopify website that is catered to your needs.

The Shopify API allows Increment tech, and in turn, you, to provide an enhanced purchasing experience to customers not only on your website but across mobile apps and video games too! The Shopify Storefront API is especially useful if you have custom requirements that other channels cannot fulfill.

They can also help you with your business’s marketing and maintenance needs and conduct tests based on the scope of your project.

Some Final Words

The 9 Shopify agencies listed here can help you build a Shopify website for your eCommerce business, help you with SEO, determine your company’s brand image, carry out promotional campaigns, manage orders and inventory, and much more.

And if you want a trusted helpdesk solution to provide your Shopify business’s customers with a truly amazing experience, look no further than MyAlice! Sign up for free today.

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