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Release Alert for Shopify Store Owners: MyAlice is on Shopify App Store

Samirah Tabassum

Content Manager

Shopify Customer Service Helpdesk

Do you know what's special about this November? Leaves are falling everywhere— but here at MyAlice—it's raining a new release!

We know you anticipate your Shopify customers to stay and have conversations about their favorite products of your store. We also know you don't desire to drain energy interacting with every customer on multiple channels.  

That's why we launched our conversational tool stack for Shopify users to connect and bring all of your communication channels into one dashboard. Now you can sell through conversations and accelerate revenue growth.

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Centralize Communication Channels In One Dashboard

Customers these days want response and service at lightning speed irrespective of the time, especially when they show interest in a product. The real problem emerges when you have 4-5 social channels and messages simultaneously pop up from different channels.

Your customer support team gets exhausted switching from one channel to another and then going back to the website to confirm product availability, customer orders, and other minor, daunting tasks that can be easily automated.

We hear you. That’s why we have designed our Shopify live chat and chatbot, keeping these common user struggles in mind.

Our multichannel helpdesk allows you to bring all your communication channels and e-commerce marketplace under one central dashboard. It supports you in managing conversations and orders from one place.

Rest assured, you won't miss out on any important conversations from now on.

Automate Order Creation and Confirmation Process

In our continued efforts to improve efficiency in customer service, MyAlice ensures you can automate the order creation and confirmation process within a minute.  

Send product and order information of your e-commerce store directly inside chats within a few taps. Conversations will now lead to more CHECK-OUTS.

Your customer support doesn't need to spend major time bouncing from multiple communication channels to your website. They can now put their focus on doing the actual thing. Guide customers in BUYING.

MyAlice is completely free to sign up and we recommend you connect your eCommerce platform and really test out their one platform solution to multichannel sales approach. Get all your customer information in one single dashboard and make online selling easier.

We're focused on making our service easier to use, affordable on price, and while providing a seamless user experience.

Know When They Add to Cart or Remove from Cart

Customers willing to buy can be a sign of a small win or nightmare depending on whether they add new products to the cart or keep removing items from it.  

The worst part is not having any idea about what is happening before they check out. Did they stumble upon a new product to grab, or did they not find something useful to spend on? It’s a real problem to fix.

That's why MyAlice worked on enabling you to track the buyer's cart activity. Now you can remind them of the items they left behind. And the availability of their favorite product or any offers they can't miss out on.

Automate Messages

We often hear  “My team is bogged down answering FAQs.” Want to automate messages to deal with customers’ frequently asked questions?

Yes, that’s possible. MyAlice live chat reduces the pressure of responding to customers in real-time with a touch of personalization. That means, no generic bot-sounding messages, and your customer support agents will not go bonkers replying to the same questions over and over again.

Learn about how to set up, use MyAlice chatbot and helpdesk on your Shopify store.

Ready to deliver best shopping experience to your shoppers and level up customer support?

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