8 Best WooCommerce Developer Agencies in Singapore (2022)

Fabiha Maimuna

8 Best WooCommerce Developer Agencies in Singapore in 2022

Are you looking to start a business in Singapore's booming e-commerce market? As a matter of fact, you should be aware that every action you take in your business should generate revenue. Or else, you will find it difficult to survive in this growing and competitive market.

However, how do you know which steps to take and which strategies to pursue? It's not as simple as putting the products online and launching your website and you will close sales rapidly like magic.

Consequently, to expand your online store, you'll require professional assistance. As a result, it's best to take the support of seasoned WooCommerce store developers rather than relying solely on yourself.

So, you're wondering, "How do I locate reputable WooCommerce development firms in Singapore?"

That's why we have put together a list of WooCommerce development agencies in Singapore so that you don't have to. If you're looking for services that aren't going to break the bank, check out this list.

Our shortlist of 8 Singapore-based WooCommerce development agencies includes the following:

  • Chillybin
  • JIN Collective 
  • Traffic Crow
  • Orfeostory 
  • Fortunesoft Singapore
  • Fenzo Digital


  • Website: https://www.impactbc.com.sg/
  • Email: enquiry@impactbc.com.sg
  • Contact no.: +6531389182
  • Rate: On request
  • Founded: 2012
  • Key services: Digital Marketing Services, Content Marketing Services, Web Design Services, eCommerce Web Design, WordPress Design
  • Founder: Donald Chan
  • Employees: 11-20 employees

IMPACT! is a leading web design agency in Singapore helping businesses build high performing and conversion-focused custom websites. Their focus is on giving businesses the web presence they need and deserve. Their formula for a great website is one part Stunning Design and UI/UX, one part Technical Performance and one part Marketing Conversion.

IMPACT! Focuses on building advanced websites and WooCommerce sites for sectors such as Technology. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Higher Education, Media and News, Courses and Memberships, and Medical and Healthcare.

2. Chillybin

  • Website: https://www.chillybin.com.sg/ 
  • Email: hello@chillybin.com.sg 
  • Contact no.: +65 3159 1596 
  • Rate: Estimations are here
  • Founded: 2009
  • Key services: Web design and development, graphic design, digital marketing, inbound marketing, online marketing, web marketing, SEO, social media, analytics, email marketing, WordPress, branding, content marketing, advertising, Active Campaign, and UI/UX
  • Founder: Shaan Nicol
  • Employees: 11-50 employees

ChillyBin's WordPress web design and development services are among the best in Singapore. They take pride in being a one-stop-shop for all of your web design and development needs. You can count on ChillyBin to help your business stand out from the crowd because their services cover a wide range of skill sets. 

Because they are a small web design firm, they put the needs of their clients first and are meticulous about keeping in touch with them. All of their clients have excellent working relationships with ChillyBin, which includes regular progress reports and online support from the team.

3. JIN Collective

  • Website: https://jin-design.com/ 
  • Email: hello@jin-design.com
  • Rate: On request
  • Founded: 2015
  • Key services: User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Website Design, Mobile App Design, Digital Design, and Copy & Content
  • Founder: Yugene Lee
  • Employees: 11-50 employees

With an emphasis on User Experience and Interface Design, Jin Design was established in 2015. As a result of their design expertise, they are able to create digital experiences that are not only beautiful but also extremely practical.

Together, they pool their creative energies to come up with and implement the most effective design solutions for organizations, making it easier for them to share information and spur new ideas. Jin is a web design company that specializes in Figma and WordPress development, so they can deliver the finest service possible.

4. Traffic Crow

Traffic Crow, which has been dubbed the Best WooCommerce Development Company in Singapore, clearly understands how crucial it is to have the proper tools at the appropriate time. To ensure that their loyal customers receive the same benefit, however, they have always been mindful of this fact. Fastest submission times in the industry, they get things done swiftly.

In addition, Traffic Crow can assure you that they will complete the entire process of turning your WooCommerce ambitions into reality in record time, from conception to design to testing and delivery. Traffic Crow has never, and will never, fail to meet a deadline.

5. Orfeostory

  • Website: https://www.orfeostory.com/ 
  • Email: sales.sg@orfeostory.com 
  • Contact no.: +6567441123, +6591717707 
  • Rate: Quote on request
  • Founded: 2011
  • Key services: Corporate Website Design, E-Commerce Website Design in Singapore, Custom PHP Web Development, Responsive Website Design, WordPress Website Development, Creative & Interactive Web Design, and WordPress Multisite Development
  • Founder: Mark Zhang
  • Employees: 11-50 employees

Orfeostory specializes in establishing the digital platform that your business or organization needs to stand out, become more efficient and better reflect your brand. They design and construct fantastic eCommerce websites just like ones you are looking for!

As a reputed WordPress site development service, Orefeostory researches and locates important insights to build a standard and perfect approach for WordPress plugin development and the final execution of the product.

6. Fortunesoft IT Innovations

  • Website: https://www.fortunesoftit.com/ 
  • Email: contact@fortunesoftit.com 
  • Contact no.: +6531581762
  • Rate: On request
  • Founded: 2009
  • Key services: Crowdfunding application development, Drupal development, Joomla development, laravel application development, PHP development, expressjs application development, Magento development, WooCommerce development, Shopify development, cloud, microservices, Ethereum development
  • Employees: 51-200 employees

Enterprises and start-ups in the Fintech, Healthcare, and eCommerce sectors can turn to Fortunesoft for end-to-end SaaS product development services in Singapore.

They use cutting-edge mobile, web, cloud, analytics, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to build, improve, and expand e-commerce websites.

Profitable development projects require a team like Fortunesoft's to assist keep costs down while also maximizing return on investment (ROI). In Singapore, Fortunesoft as a  WooCommerce developer agency is a great option.

7. Fenzo Digital

  • Website: https://fenzodigital.com/ 
  • Email: hello@fenzodigital.com 
  • Contact no.: +6567889008 
  • Rate: On request
  • Founded: 2016
  • Key services: Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-commerce, Content Management, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Mobile Application, Digital PR, Content Marketing, and Social Media Management
  • Founder: Besh Vaezin (MBA)
  • Employees: 2-10 employees

For more than a decade, Fenzo Digital has been delivering digital marketing promises to both small and large Singaporean SEMs.

A Singapore-based multi-award-winning and integrated full-service digital marketing agency that delivers digital solutions with compassion and innovation. They do everything they can to help our clients and customers flourish.

Their staff has dealt with challenges related to eCommerce platforms in the past and is well-versed in re-creating successful ones using WooCommerce as a foundation. If you're interested, you can check out their website.


  • Website: https://icore.sg/ 
  • Email: info@icore.sg 
  • Contact no.: +65 93720761 
  • Rate: On request through website
  • Founded: 2020
  • Key services: WooCommerce development, eCommerce development, Mobile app development, web design, UI/UX, graphics design

When it comes to high-quality Mobile App Development, Website Design & Development, and Digital Marketing Services in Singapore, no one does it better than iCore. The Singapore-based Icore WooCommerce specialist developers are well-versed in advancing your e-commerce enterprise. They have a staff of WooCommerce-certified developers who know how to manage WooCommerce to achieve desired results.

Using a sophisticated WooCommerce portal, ICore Pte Ltd is able to create fully customized e-commerce sites that are fully connected and functional. Whenever you're looking for an eCommerce platform that's both interactive and interesting.

A few final words

Choosing the right agency is absolutely essential for your WooCOmmerce site. We tried to end your worry of researching countless WooCommerce agencies before picking the right one. Since you have a list of options to go for, get in touch with them to grow your business.

Do you find yourself chasing down new customers because current customers aren't sticking around, and you need to keep your eCommerce business afloat? Is it a sustainable strategy to run your eCommerce business?

We hear you saying no because it actually isn't. It's time you need to focus on Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

In this competitive narrative, you can't really go far by keeping on investing in getting NEW customers rather than keeping your OLD customers. What you really need to concentrate on is maximizing your revenue from your present customers. And this is where customer lifetime value comes into play.

According to Tim Cameron Kitchen - CEO of Exposure Ninja, "In order to increase your customer lifetime value, you need to pull two levers. One, increase the number of purchases. And two, increase the purchase value of each customer. And of course, a good business will have a combination of both of these levers."

We want your business to have high customer LTV. So we noted down a series of pointers that you could follow to increase your customer lifetime value and higher profits. Before we dive into the strategies, let's start with the basics.

What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?

According to Omniconvert, "customer lifetime value (CLV) shows how much revenue a business can expect from one customer compared to how long the company predicts that customer will stay."

Customer lifetime value is an important metric for eCommerce brands to measure the average accumulating total of their purchase for some time.

Lifetime value helps you determine if your business will scale the ROI from marketing. It also helps you evaluate the retention strategy depending on how low or high your LTV is.

How To Increase Customer Lifetime Value

You can increase your customer lifetime value by either increasing your Average Order Value or Average Purchase Frequency. An increase in either of these metrics will rise Customer Lifetime Value. Apart from that, let's take a look at the other ways to increase CLV.

Improve Your Customer Support

Treating your customer right is the core to increasing customer lifetime value. According to Tim Han, an international speaker and author from success insider - "treating your customers like family is the key to recurring customers."

Now we're not telling you to turn a blind eye to their red flags and keep on supporting them. But we definitely recommend you to go a bit above to give them special treatments. In fact, according to research from PWC,  86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. So enhancing your customer support is an absolute must.

A solid customer support strategy includes attention to the customer pre, mid and post-sale. Your customer support should cater to your customer at every stage of their buying journey. A great way to make sure your customer's queries are always answered in no time is by using an AI-powered chatbot. Having a live chat available can turn a customer question into a sale or complaint into a resolution. We recommend you check out MyAlice as their chatbot can actually automate your entire selling process from start to finish. And the best part is, MyAlice is completely free to sign up!

You need to make sure your customers are returning again and again for the delightful experience you provide.

Send out occasional gifts

Who doesn't like free stuff? Especially when it comes as a surprise from a place you shopped from. We find ourselves leaning towards shops that offer great discounts or free goodies in most cases. And that's because this is a psychological trick that all of us fall for.

Lippincott's creative consultancy provided a scientific and psychological-based study called the "Happiness Halo" - proving exactly that. In the "Happiness Halo," the author stresses, "Appeal to customers' reason and they're yours for a day. Appeal to customer's emotions, and they're yours for a lifetime."

And nothing is more solid than sending gifts to appeal to your customer's emotions. It shows them that you care about them more than just a means of getting some sales.

We're not telling you to send out gifts 365 days a year to every customer for every purchase. But rather, identify your loyal set of customers and potentially loyal customers, and then send out occasional gifts to show them you care.

Nudge Your Customers into Subscriptions

One of the most popular ways (that works) of increasing the number of purchases of your customers is by bumping them into subscriptions. They're one of the new trends of e-commerce. And they can be lucrative enough that we even see big names like GoPro getting into the subscription realm they previously didn't opt for.

You can nudge them into a subscription by displaying a subscription-biased pricing option of your product.

This basically means you will show the pricing option of a one-time purchase on one side. And on another, the pricing option is based on subscription. However, you need to show your customers how the subscription pricing will be more effective and profitable.

This will incentivize them to opt for the subscription rather than going for a one-time purchase.

Another way of getting your customers into subscriptions is by showing the subscription as the default purchase method. And if customers want to go for a one-time purchase, they need to click on that purchase method.

You can do to level up the subscription game by giving them an option to allow your customers to customize the time frame and the amount of product for the subscription. This way, they will not have too much stock of the product based on their lifestyle. And they are less likely to cancel the subscription altogether.

Integrate Add-ons and Upsells

Another great way to increase the average order value of your customers is by adding add-ons and upsells. Big names like GoDaddy GoPro have been using this pricing strategy for years now, which has helped them generate more sales.

Everything that you throw at your customers before and after purchasing the products is for one thing - increasing the order value.

And therefore, there's an increase in customer LTV. Some of your add-ons and upsells features may seem annoying to your customers. But it's a genius idea for your business.

Since you are competing in a very competitive and price-sensitive space, If you want to maximize your customer acquisition, you need to maximize the value of every customer you get through the door.

By doing so, you can save the money that you would have otherwise spent on getting new customers. So you can now invest it in other business activities. Like - marketing. Which will help you build market share without increasing the price of their core product.

— Introduce Premium Versions

Introducing a line of premium versions of the same product can incentivize your customers to opt for better options. But, you need to make sure you can present it in a manner that demonstrates why the premium versions are better than the regular ones.

That way, customers who always want the best of everything are more likely to opt for the premium purchase. The pricing of the premium product will also be higher than the regular, which may be a problem for some of your customers. In such a case, you can introduce split pay for that.

Now split pay is absolutely everywhere and another massive trend of e-commerce over the last few years. One of the biggest players in the split pay market -Klarna, claims to increase the average order value by up to 58%.

Split pay will help you get more sales for your premium products and end up increasing the average order value for your customers.

Drawing Conclusion: Loyalty Brings Revenue

The right customer lifetime value model can boost your company's growth and progress in many ways. It puts more money in your business's wallet by lowering customer acquisition costs and saving money on marketing and sales activities.

Delivering a great deal of value, understanding the customers being in their shoes, prioritizing customer service are what they need to come back to you again and again.

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