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Top 10 WooCommerce Developer Agencies to Look Out for in 2022

Oishee Eerada Maudud

Partner Marketing Executive

10 Best WooCoommerce Developer Agencies you should know

Starting an eCommerce business is easy, but you need to do a lot more work to get it running. You have a long list to tick off.

Starting from improving the site quality that fits your desire to make it appealing to your shoppers to turning them into buyers.

Whether you are looking to migrate your eCommerce store to WooCommerce or improve your eCommerce store somehow, you are probably here because you need to know the WooCommerce agencies you can put your trust in and avail yourself the services of.

Well, you came to the right place because we will take you across the 10 best WooCommerce developer agencies you can rely on for quality service.

Let's get right into it.

#1 Built Mighty

Built Mighty claims it is "made for eCommerce."

Especially for WooCommerce, it helps create custom stores, themes, and plugins so that you can personalize the solution according to your needs.

Built Mighty helps you strategize to improve speed and conversion rate, optimize your store for SEO, and more. It also helps you design an efficient user experience and enhance the customer shopping flow.

Built Mighty even lets you build customized subscription plans so that you can introduce personalized billing.

The best part? The company is also a WooExpert and Gold WooCommerce Enterprise Expert partner.

#2 Multidots

Multidots, one of the preferred enterprise WordPress implementation partners dubbed by Automattic, has several WordPress services you can put to use.

You can enlist their help to build an ROI-driven website for your business while ensuring utmost security. From plugin development and custom themes to software integrations, Multidots has got you covered.

Multidots is experienced in WordPress development while keeping in mind the challenges that media and publishing companies face, hence working on the security and infrastructure accordingly.

The team can also migrate your website from different Content Management Systems (CMS) to WordPress.

#3 Silicon Dales

Silicon Dales provides a wide variety of WooCommerce services. The team consists of WooExpert programmers and is capable of helping with projects of any size.

Silicon Dales can plan, develop, optimize and launch a WooCommerce website.

The company also provides WooCommerce speed optimization services, which will be helpful if you are suffering from slow dashboard performance, bad page speed scores, high bounce rates, or not seeing much results despite considerable efforts in SEO.

Silicon Dales can also help you in:

  • Changing platforms for your eCommerce stores
  • Integrating different software with your WooCommerce store, such as Ometria, OnPrem Stage 200
  • Migrating your WordPress website
  • Setting up a payment gateway
  • Importing and updating your WooCommerce products from XML or CSV files

#4 Rareview

Rareview is a confident team of two brothers with media, design, marketing, and engineering capabilities.

For design, this agency can help you with branding, interface design, content creation, landing pages, email design, etc. Rareview can also assist you with SEO, paid social media marketing and search, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, prospecting leads, and media buying.

The team takes a data-driven approach to solve business problems with quantifiable objectives and treats data as essential for personalized experiences.

#5 FirstTracks Marketing

FirstTracks Marketing can help ensure a good hosting solution that meets your objectives for the website.

The agency can also provide a regular maintenance schedule for your website to ensure the website's performance is good and it is not prone to security issues. The team can also conduct the maintenance instead of only planning and providing instructions.

They also take your website and eCommerce business's security very seriously. FirstTracks can help ensure the website is secure without affecting its speed or performance. The agency also provides SSL certificate installation.

#6The Code Company

You can rely on The Code Company for developing your WordPress platform while ensuring it performs well. The Code Company can also help you with re-platforming and migrating to WordPress.

The team can also help you with WordPress engineering and custom functionality. They will also assist you with your eCommerce business's ad tech and revenue strategies.
The Code Company is a WordPress VIP agency and the only WP Engine Strategic Partner in the APAC region.

#7 Emote Digital

Emote Digital can help your company with your marketing and WooCommerce related needs.

Whether you want to improve your SEO and increase your site traffic and visibility, advertise on social media to reach your target audience, advertise on search engines, want top-notch content, or want to reach your audience across several platforms, Emote Digital is the agency to go.

They can also help you improve conversion rates by ensuring a strong social media presence. Emote Digital is the only Gold Certified WooCommerce partner in Australia.

#8 Lamb Agency

Lamb Agency, based in Australia, has a wide range of services you can choose from. It can help with strategy and platform development.

Lamb Agency can carry out industry best practice audits and infrastructure audits, map user experience, and optimize page speed as part of the strategy.

Platform development can assist with various things, starting from content marketing websites and global multisite setup to custom development.

#9 Annexcore

Annexcore can help you develop custom WooCommerce themes so that your website is exactly how your customers want it while ensuring that your site loads quickly.

The team is also experienced in full-stack web development front-end HTML to backend python.

Moreover, Annexcore believes that you should not get WordPress plugins as they are in their readymade versions. No, Annexcore will work with you to build WooCommerce plugins that are tailored to your website's requirements.

The team can also migrate your eCommerce store to WooCommerce and make it look easy. They offer help in more areas, including but not limited to:-

  • PSD to WooCommerce custom theme development
  • Care plans for website maintenance
  • Third-party platform integrations
  • Tailored product filtering and search

#10 WisdmLabs

WisdmLabs, an agency with over eight years of experience, can help you set up a WooCommerce store that fits your needs and the industry trends.

WisdmLabs also offers custom WooCommerce plugin development services. The team can also assess your store, guide you on improving, and tell you about potential opportunities.

WisdmLabs will also help you choose the payment getaway that is the most appropriate for you.

A WooExpert, WisdmLabs also provides WooCommerce migration and third-party software integration services. It is a good idea to go for professionals to provide a seamless customer experience.

Few Final Thoughts

With that our WooCommerce developer agency list comes to a wrap. You want the best for your WooCommerce store, and we understand that. Hope this article helps you know about some great agencies you can reach out for help.

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