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WhatsApp Integration with MyAlice: It's here and why you need it

Kazi Nazia

Content Editor

WhatsApp Integration with MyAlice

As the eCommerce realm is growing faster and faster, customers now expect more and more from eCommerce businesses. In such times, ensuring ease of use and convenience is more important than ever. Customers now expect you to be on the channels that they are on, rather than move to a different channel to connect with your store. As more channels are becoming popular amongst customers, businesses have to make sure to stretch their presence across all social channels where their customers are.

But it is also important for businesses to be able to execute this process properly. Being across all channels but not being able to run them properly can do more harm than good. Luckily, this can be avoided by using a multichannel help desk like MyAlice, where you can integrate all your social channels, including fast-paced ones like WhatsApp.

MyAlice launches WhatsApp Integration

MyAlice is excited to announce that we are launching our very own WhatsApp integration for our dashboard. You can now connect your WhatsApp business account with your dashboard, making it more efficient and effective to run your business through WhatsApp. With MyAlice, now businesses are allowed to onboard WhatsApp Business Platform directly to their website through embedded signup. This means you no longer need to go through a complicated process with your BSP. Be it submitting tons of documents, consistently going back and forth with them, or waiting for an eternity. Now all you need to do is just plug and play.

If you talk about social channels for eCommerce, it’s impossible to leave out WhatsApp. With a massive user base of 2 billion - you can always find your customers there. This is why we thought it was high time to bring WhatsApp to your channel integration mix.

If you are on WhatsApp but don’t have a WhatsApp Business account for your store, you are missing out. Here’s why —

Step One: The Basics

The traditional form of Whatsapp messenger supports the old way of selling with a personal app profile section that only has the about section, name, display picture, and phone number. The same thing you get for every single profile.

But with the new way of selling through the WhatsApp business account, your store is differentiated from regular profiles. You can showcase your product catalog, provide a company description, display your business name, logo, category, website URL, and set working hours on WhatsApp Business. Also, the new cloud API system makes it quicker and faster than ever to run your business on WhatsApp. Not to mention the option to get a Green Tick against your name to make things more official. That in itself gives your store an edge over stores with regular accounts.

Step Two: The Differentiator

With MyAlice and WhatsApp BSP in your hand, now you can assign an unlimited number of agents to manage customer conversations. Not only that, but you can also manage your agents by groups and assign them where they are needed most.

Also, MyAlice can give you extensive agent analytics, which covers their first response time, average resolution time, and sales conversion rate! Also, you can send template messages from the MyAlice dashboard to your customers on WhatsApp to confirm their orders or payment updates and other relevant use cases.

Step Three: The Ultimate Edge

With MyAlice, you get the deepest integration with your eCommerce platforms like Shopify or woocommerce. You can now receive orders through WhatsApp and process them from one single browser tab from the MyAlice dashboard!

Also, to skyrocket your sales now you can also broadcast outbound messages to your WhatsApp contacts through an external system connection when you have a campaign or sales ongoing via MyAlice! This means you can reach out to new targeted customers through Whatsapp with a very personalized message! And click rate to this is way more than the regular promotional bulk messages. To get this, sign up for our Private Beta model.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to be where your customers are and grab their attention, connect your WhatsApp with MyAlice today!

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