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The Ultimate WhatsApp Business Checklist To Kickstart Your Business

Kazi Nazia

Content Editor

WhatsApp business comes with an abundance of features for store owners to make the best use of the app. Be it for marketing, sales, and many other departments.

But a lot of the time many store owners miss out on these amazing details because it’s not talked about enough. So we formed an all-in-one checklist that you can follow to maneuver your way through WhatsApp Business. 

But first, you need to get yourself a verified WhatsApp business account. Did you create an account? Then head on to the next steps - 

Set-up business profile

Now that you have your WhatsApp business account, your first course of action would be to set up your business profile. I know it’s pretty self-explanatory. But here’s the thing - a lot of the time business owners miss out on many details that contribute to how your store is perceived by your customers. 

Just like how you would walk past a shady store with little to no information, your customers would also not feel encouraged to check what your store has to offer. So it’s important for you to polish your business profile to grab their attention. 

Profile picture and description

Straight off the bat, you should be using a good-quality profile picture that can be easily identified as your brand. For example - the company logo that you use everywhere. Next up add a moderate yet insightful description of your business. But make sure that you are using highly targeted and relevant keywords. If you have a bakery service using keywords like “fresh” and “delicious” is more relevant that “new” or “trendy”. 

Contact information 

Having your contact information is not just about your business phone number and email. To make the process of your customer reaching out to you as seamless as possible, you need more details than just that. A lot of the time customers are redirected from one contact point to another just to get a certain update, this can be quite annoying. So in order to avoid this from happening you should include the following information.

  • The physical address of your store along with Google maps location.
  • Official email addresses along with alternative email addresses.
  • Add your business website. 
  • Add different phone numbers for every team. Such as technical team, sales team, billing team phone number, etc
  • Add grievance officer information
  • Add contact information that can be reached 24/7
  • Add your business hours. If it's an international business make sure to add the time zone as well.

Automated messages 

One of the best things about the WhatsApp business platform is automated messages. Automated messages provided by WhatsApp Business are pre-written responses to receiving messages from potential or current clients. They don't require any assistance from a human agent and are set up to be sent out automatically.

The way these automated messages work is through keywords. So if someone says “Hello” you can set up an automatic greeting message as a response to that. Milestone triggers are another feature of WhatsApp Business that allows automatic messaging to function. This is accomplished by integrating WhatsApp with other platforms, such as a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

The system prompts the consumer to receive a message after a milestone is reached. An example would be a customer receiving a thank you and confirmation message after making a purchase online.

Common automated responses 

When setting up automated responses there are a few common messages that you should always integrate. Of course, that does not mean that is all to it. You can add more automated messages depending on your offering and target group. Here are some examples of basic replies- 

  • Thank you message after a purchase
  • Greeting message
  • When its outside business hours, or on public holidays like Christmas or New years
  • Basic replies against selected keywords to provide quick, automated replies to specific questions
  • Direct customers towards specific departments if they have unique queries.

Label chats 

A very convenient feature of the WhatsApp business platform is the label tool feature that aids customer segmentation. This helps you categorize customers on the basis of their queries and makes responding to them much more efficient. 

To get started with it open your WhatsApp Business app, hit the three dots in the top right-hand corner, and then pick “Labels” from the drop-down menu.WhatsApp has introduced five labels for its business users by default, which are color-coded. Of course, you’re free to change, add, or remove the labels as you see fit.

Labeling is a simple and visual approach to segmenting your customers. Label chats based on messages. For example, some labels are “Ordered”, “Dispatched”, “Complaint” etc. By doing so you can make it prioritize which texts to respond to first and make the process much more efficient. 

Product Catalog 

You can always redirect your customers to your website to make a purchase, but giving them the offer to purchase it right on their WhatsApp is more convenient. Although being redirected to the website may feel like a few seconds, within these few seconds your customer could change their mind if they face any roadblock such as slow load time. So why take the risk?

Use the product catalog feature on WhatsApp business to bring your store to your customers. Include products under relevant categories. And for each product, including the price and where can they buy it from. To help your customers take apt decisions List the benefits of that particular product in detail. Make sure to high-quality images of each product. 

But its also important to keep in mind that there are certain guidelines provided by WhatsApp that you need to follow when setting up your product catalog. So make sure to through and follow the WhatsApp eCommerce guidelines before creating a product catalog.

WhatsApp status 

Have you ever considered WhatsApp status advertising as a tool? If not, you are missing out. If used the right way, WhatsApp status can be your road to more reach and sales. 

Many vendors are unaware of how to make use of WhatsApp status to its full potential. It’s not just about posting random updates about your store. Proper strategic content planning can hook your customers to make that purchase. Through WhatsApp status advertising, you are able to chat with your customers in real-time and have two-way conversations, just like in a physical store. Similar to network marketing, this one-on-one communication makes your clients feel closer to you.

Link your WhatsApp 

Be where your customers are. And your customers are all over socials. So it’s important for you to make sure that all your social channels are active and interconnected. The best way to make sure your socials are interconnected is to link them together. Link your WhatsApp Business app to Facebook and Instagram for better coordination and to offer all means of contact to your customers. To reach more customers, you can also create WhatsApp adverts for other meta-social channels.

Broadcast and group chats 

WhatsApp Group & WhatsApp Broadcast are two of the most powerful communication features on WhatsApp. With both options, you can reach out to your customers and simultaneously engage with them. Just like any other chat group, the WhatsApp group allows you to add all your customers in one group and exchange relevant messages. With WhatsApp broadcast on the other hand you can send any messages to 256 contacts simultaneously that are included in your broadcast list.

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