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7 WooCommerce Developer Agencies in The Philippines (2022)

Oishee Eerada Maudud

Partner Marketing Executive

7 WooCommerce Developer and Marketing Agencies in Philippines

Do you want to build an eCommerce store that converts and keeps your customers happy?

If the answer to the previous question is “yes” (as it should be), building a WooCommerce store is an excellent way to do so. Maintaining an eCommerce store with WooCommerce is relatively simple. It allows you to tailor the website to suit your business’s needs, incorporate necessary third-party integrations, etc.

Now, how should you go about developing a WooCommerce store? Through the help of WooCommerce agencies, including WooCommerce developers and marketing agencies who are experts in their fields. You will be able to achieve your vision by working with them as they know the best practices and should be able to build you the shop you desire.

To make it easier for you- particularly the good people reading this from The Philippines, here is a list of 7 WooCommerce developers you can consider working with.

  • Pronto Marketing
  • Jun Sanchez
  • Webmage Philippines
  • Eternus Global
  • ZenDezines
  • Go Crayons
  • 1902 Software

Pronto Marketing

Having developed hundreds of WooCommerce stores, Pronto Marketing is a WooCommerce agency that will dedicate itself to making the best-suited website for your eCommerce business. You can choose what features you want to add to your website.

This WooCommerce development agency allows you to set up a robust eCommerce store with order management, inventory management, reporting, etc. You can add the option for your customers to select recurring payments or automatically renew their subscriptions.

You may also choose to offer free registration and sell tickets for any business events, display your scheduled events to your customers, add a donor portal to support the causes you feel strongly about, and easily list and update job vacancies.

Jun Sanchez

Jun Sanchez and his team members have over a decade of experience in this industry. They offer web design and development, specifically eCommerce website development and SEO services.

You can rely on this WooCommerce agency to develop a secure website that is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface using the best practices. Adding photo galleries and featured images to your website can help you bring certain products into the spotlight. You may also launch promotional campaigns using coupons and reward customers with discounts. WooCommerce also allows you to choose between Paypal and other payment gateways for your store.

Webmage Philippines

Webmage Philippines is here to help you maintain a fantastic WooCommerce store. They aim to design websites that look as good on mobile phones and tablets as they do on PCs and desktops. They will also integrate extensions and third-party payment gateways as per your business needs.

This WooCommerce development agency can help you with social engine optimization (SEO) for your website to get desired results in terms of traffic and visibility. If you require upgrading to the latest versions or want to migrate your business from other platforms to WooCommerce, Webmage will be able to help.

Eternus Global

Apart from offering various WordPress-related services, Eternus Global also offers WooCommerce site development, where you can list your products, sell them, manage inventory, and get paid.

Eternus Global has broadened its range of services offered to include website development, virtual assistance, and website design since 2016.

The founder (and currently Managing Director), Dr. Marie Gabrielle Laguna, and her team have more than 18 years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. Thus, you can trust their process and expertise to turn out the best website for your business.


ZenDezines builds WooCommerce stores as part of their website design and maintenance services for businesses with different budgets. They aim to produce fast websites that give visitors a smooth experience no matter where they are.

This WooCommerce developer also allows you to keep contact forms on your website to enable direct communication between site visitors and you. They also perform some basic SEO and make sure your website is secure.

ZenDezines also focuses on responsive design to ensure your website is compatible with different kinds of devices.

Go Crayons

Go Crayons promises to build ‘stores that convert.’ By relying on this WooCommerce developer, you can just focus on selling your products and services and order fulfillment while the Go Crayons team takes care of the rest.

They will provide you with monthly updates and backups, amongst other things. The team will also optimize your store for search engines and ensure the website is ready for you to run email campaigns and get insights from analytics.

As part of their white label SEO services, Go Crayon will put in the effort required to understand your business and its target group, create designs, and develop the website accordingly, following best practices. This WooCommerce development agency will also conduct internal quality checks.

1902 Software

1902 Software offers both website development and post-project maintenance services, including website maintenance and ad hoc support. The team will also customize your website design according to your requirements, either making it from scratch or modifying a template.

You can add new features, enhance your website and apps, and do more without worrying about hiring people for website maintenance. 1902 Software will also help integrate with different systems, such as those for inventory, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), etc. They will also develop custom extensions if there are not any that meet your requirements.

You can also rely on this WooCommerce developer for technical SEO and speed optimization. They will also test functions and necessary modules to ensure everything is okay.

Some Words to Leave You With

You already know that building an eCommerce website using a WooCommerce agency is not the end. You have to maintain your business’s social media presence, provide good customer service and products, and connect with your customers if you want your business to run smoothly.

And speaking of providing good customer service, a 24/7 helpdesk service that allows you to connect with your customers will be a handy tool to have in your arsenal. If you’d like to know more about this and experience it yourself, sign up to MyAlice for free today.

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