MyAlice vs Novochat

To decide which tool suits your business best, you must compare those properly. You need to know the very little details of each tool. Here, we make that super easy for you.

Fair pricing

In terms of pricing, MyAlice beats Novochat by a fair mile.

Monthly plans

MyAlice Plan

Novochat Plan

Pricing Type

MyAlice charges you on your subscription package. No additional charges are taken for tickets/ conversations or customers.

Novochat offers subscription packages based on number of contacts.

Subscription packages

MyAlice has 2 packages, one for $60/mo, and another for $180/mo

Novochat provides two subscription options at $100 and $250 per month.

Package comparison for basic package

1000 tickets



5000 tickets



10000 tickets



25000 tickets


Custom Pricing



Custom Pricing


Advanced features

If you’re using Novochat and thinking about switching to a more efficient and cost effective solution for your business, you can definitely think of MyAlice. You will get more than Novochat by paying a lot less!

Let’s take a look —


Live Chat





Mobile Application



Shopify Plus


WhatsApp Commerce

Inbox Mode



Abandon Cart Recovery

Automated Responses

Multichannel Chatbots

WhatsApp Broadcast


NovoChat is a marketing solution built for e-commerce businesses. It allows you to connect multiple messaging channels — WhatsApp Business, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and LINE — in a single app.


There are 3 pricing plans — The Starter plan starts with 149$/month gives you 3000 contacts per month. The Pro plan for 399$ per month gives you 20,000 contacts.


  • You can Create auto-responses, set business hours, and invite multiple agents to your workspace.
  • It gives you advanced campaign and automation metrics to see the impact your messages are making on your revenue.
  • You can personalize bulk messages by uploading a CSV. file with a custom message for each individual contact.
  • With some providers, you’ll have to register a new WhatsApp Business number. But with NovoChat, you can keep your current WhatsApp Business number.


  • Customer support can be tricky to access as they don't have their email or phone clearly displayed anywhere.
  • Novochat doesn't have integration with many apps except Shopify and EasySend. This can be limiting


MyAlice is a Multichannel helpdesk and WhatsApp Marketing tool built for businesses of all sizes - from startups to large corporations brands and eCommerce. With MyAlice, you can connect multiple messaging channels like Livechat, WhatsApp Business, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Viber and Telegram — in a single app. Also you can integrate your Shopify and Woocommerce directly on MyAlice dashboard.


It has a free plan where you can connect the basic channels, LiveChat and eCommerce space. But to get the WhatsApp features you need to subscribe the Premium package which starts from 60$/month with 5 team members and Enterprise plan starts from 180$/month with 5 team members.


  • Automated WhatsApp notifications such as Abandoned Cart, Order Confirmation, Delivery Notifications & Cash on Delivery Order Verification.
  • Complete WhatsApp Marketing suite - Send WhatsApp Broadcasts to your customer lists using Official API.
  • Creating automation and chatbot which suits your business most is easier than most of the platforms. Also you can collect valuable customer informations via automation and use that for further marketing campaign.
  • Very reasonable price modules.
  • Automatic smart ticketing system to distribute the work load evenly on your support agents.
  • Specially built for eCommerce store owners with all the necessary integrations.


  • No email integrations yet. But its on their product roadmap which will be live within this year.

To get everything Novochat offers, you must subscribe to their premiere plan, which costs more than MyAlice with fewer features to offer. If you are covering multiple marketing channels and a full-fledged eCommerce system for your business, you already know that you need more than that. You can definitely go for MyAlice with a budget-friendly price offering all the necessities for your business.

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