Build your own ChatGPT
like Assistant

Safeguard your Enterprise data while harnessing the power of large language models. White Rabbit lets you build your own ChatGPT and host it in your server.

Your own large language model

Navigating the complexities of artificial intelligence and data security can be overwhelming for enterprises. White Rabbit is here to guide you through this journey, offering cutting-edge large language model solutions that prioritize data privacy and security, while helping your business stay ahead in the digital landscape.

What can you do with Large Language Model?

Once you have LLM embeddings, manage and search through them in White Rabbit to power semantic search, recommenders, and other applications that rely on relevant information retrieval.


Semantic search
Product search
Multi-modal search

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Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
Text Generation and Summarization
Language Translation
Sentiment Analysis
Natural Language Generation

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Data Analytics & ML

Pattern Matching
Data Labeling

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Anomaly Detection
Fraud Detection
Bot/threat detection
Identity verification
SSO Security

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What will you build. We’re here to help.