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How Swag Kicks Powered-Up Customer Service on Social Channels with MyAlice

Average first response time reduced.
Sales conversion increased
Average resolution time reduced
“The best thing about MyAlice is you guys are responsive towards our needs. You guys have taken care of every issue that arises. Which is really great about MyAlice. You are always here to listen to us and are quick to adapt to any changes that are required."
Nofal Khan
Co-founder & CEO of Swag Kicks

Swag Kicks’ founders started this company with a vision to make luxury shoes affordable by recycling slightly used shoes — to give them a new life, and most importantly — save them from LANDFILLS.

It all started back in 2019 when they looked into the problem youngsters were facing every time they wanted to buy a pair of Nike or Jordan shoes. In the USA it costs around $50-70 to get a pair of trainers from these brands. But, when the same product is shipped to Pakistan, after paying customs duties the price is jacked up to a whopping $200-$250!

For ordinary people, this price range is beyond their reach. That’s why Swag Kicks’ founders took an oath to make these luxury products available for sneakerheads and sell them for as low as $15-20 on their website while giving back to nature.

We had a great time talking to the Co-founder & CEO of Swag Kicks, Nofal Khan to learn more about the challenges they were facing and how MyAlice helped improve the customer service team’s efficiency and streamline the process.

Customer Service Challenges Before Discovering MyAlice

Swag Kicks was primarily using Facebook messenger and Whatsapp to communicate with customers. Providing exceptional customer service is their key focus. They had a smooth sail when their business was at the primary stage of growth.
According to Nofal, they had only one agent in the customer support team who was eloquently assisting the customers. In Pakistan, customers prefer to talk to any customer agent before buying products from eCommerce websites.

After exploring this local consumer behavior pattern, Nofal found out customers can combat skepticism only by talking to the customer service agents. This consumer behavior in the age of automation, human interaction still plays an enormous role in laying the foundation of trust.

The biggest problem Swag Kicks was facing at their early stage was to collect customer data and manually put them in a Google Spreadsheet which is both ineffective and time-consuming. However, as Swag Kicks scales, it became harder and harder to keep up with customer support tickets and provide a personalized experience.

“It was a mess that turned out to be the biggest headache of our company,” Nofal states.

When Nofal tried bringing in more customer agents, the whole process collapsed. Because they didn’t have the process documented and felt the need to review new customer agents’ performance.

Their repeat customers weren’t happy with the current support team’s service. They were asking to talk to Usama (the first customer agent hire) who had been handling everything seamlessly.

Not having documentation became the biggest bottleneck for their company and a huge challenge for the support team to attend and interact with customers the way Usama did.

Swag Kicks was on a hunt to find a multichannel helpdesk solution that both matches their price point, automate the manual task, and scale their customer support team effortlessly.

After Swag Kicks Placed Their Faith on MyAlice

When choosing the right helpdesk and customer support solution, the most important features for Nofal and his team were:

  1. Shopify integration
  2. Agent management
  3. Customer purchase history data
  4. Automation
  5. Ease of use

Nofal says, they went through trials of different helpdesk and support solutions, only MyAlice services struck the chord. They realized MyAlice is the solution they had been in search of.

When asked about the best feature they find of MyAlice, Nofal excitedly responded: “One of the best things I really like about MyAlice is that when a customer comes into our website we get to know what products they have already seen on the website. That is very helpful to convert a customer. That’s my favorite feature.”

On MyAlice, they don’t need to go through a lengthy process of getting information from customers on FB messenger or Whatsapp and copy-paste the product link from their website. All they need is to integrate their eCommerce to completely automate the purchase journey of a customer.

Which means they will be able to search and select a product, add and configure their cart and finally place an order, all by themselves, right on their messaging channel.

After integrating MyAlice, managing agents’ performance and getting individual reports on agent productivity became feasible. Swag Kicks could automate manual tasks and FAQs of customers to make it easier to quickly give them the answers they are looking for.

"One of the key improvements we’ve seen after having MyAlice is in our grievance department. Since we can check customers’ orders and update them in real-time while chatting with them through MyAlice, we have been able to provide better support. This has reduced the number of grievances or complaints greatly," adds Nofal.

They are able to provide a cohesive service to their customers on multiple social channels without any dispute. After using MyAlice for 4 months they witnessed a whopping 15% month-over-month increase in sales that came from customer service alone.

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