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The Power of Centralization: How MyAlice Transformed Brumano's Business Operations

Average first response time reduced.
Sales conversion increased
Average resolution time reduced
Thanks to MyAlice’s smart inbox system, we now have the ability to not only track our team’s response time but also gain insight into their responses. It’s like having a personal assistant to keep us organized and on top of our queries.
Muhammad Murtaza Waheed
Marketing & Operations Head, Brumano

The Problem

Prior to onboarding with MyAlice, Brumano relied mostly on social media for their business operations and used WhatsApp for customer support and success. However, their previous approach to providing support was disorganized and chaotic, as their representatives were utilizing multiple WhatsApp numbers to assist customers.

This approach presented several limitations, such as the inability for multiple agents to support customers simultaneously from the same WhatsApp number, leading to misalignment between representatives and the loss of context in conversations when customers replied after a while. Furthermore, Brumano lacked a means to measure the growth and performance of their agents, highlighting the need for a more efficient and effective customer support system.

The Solution

Upon subscribing to MyAlice, the first step we took for Brumano was to ensure they were utilizing a single WhatsApp Business Number via our dashboard. This streamlined their customer support system, enabling their representatives to answer basic FAQs and provide support from a centralized inbox. MyAlice’s inbox system also ensured that each representative was locked to their own conversations, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted communication with customers. This personalized approach meant that customers never felt lost at any point in the conversation, as they were consistently addressed by the same representative throughout their journey. Moreover, MyAlice’s inbox system facilitated the tagging of conversations and the use of quick replies, making the process more efficient and synchronized than ever before. 

The Benefit

Brumano emphasized that having a sorted customer profile and conversation is crucial for maintaining a happy business, and with MyAlice, they reached that level of organization. Previously, Brumano had to navigate through multiple social media platforms and WhatsApp numbers to find conversation threads and satisfy their customers’ support needs. However, with MyAlice’s centralized inbox, they can now search and find relevant conversations with just a click.

Moreover, MyAlice’s agent metrics data provides Brumano with insights into their team’s response time, first response rate, and sales closing speed, enabling them to gain a holistic view of their business and identify areas for improvement in an efficient manner. By using MyAlice, Brumano has achieved a new level of efficiency and organization, enhancing their customer support and driving their business forward.


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