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How MDSA Reduces Resolution Time by 23.66% with MyAlice's WhatsApp Business API

Average first response time reduced.
Sales conversion increased
Average resolution time reduced
"MyAlice must be complimented on the good support and when critical changes are needed, MyAlice are quick to resolve. This is excellent support."
JLF Guthrie, MDSA

The Problem

The main problem that Metal Detectors SA were suffering from before switching to MyAlice was limited scope for WhatsApp integration. This didn’t allow Metal Detectors SA to integrate all of their social channels in the API they were using. Furthermore, this limitation caused to:

  1. Reduce features offered to customers, impacting user experience.
  2. Slow down response times and reduce efficiency.
  3. Increase costs by requiring additional tools or services.
  4. Hinder scalability as the business was growing.
  5. Result in insufficient data insights for informed decision-making.

The Solution

As a business using WhatsApp as the primary medium for customer conversation, Metal Detectors was surely going through a tough time. The cure to this ordeal was the WhatsApp Business API by MyAlice.

As Metal Detectors South Africa mentioned, the limited scopes for WhatsApp integration was narrowing down the scope for growth for the company. The primary incentive for them to switch to MyAlice was enablement of unlimited channel integration to the API encompassing all social media channels. Value for the price was also a very important factor.

Another significant reason behind the switching was the easy navigation of the software. According to Metal Detectors, the support that they received from MyAlice customer success team to help with the integration and set up everything.

The Benefit

According to Metal Detectors South Africa, changing the WhatsApp API significantly improved their business performance. Features of the WhatsApp Business API of MyAlice helped them to bring all of their online sales channels under one roof (read dashboard) and thus, made the whole operational process a lot more seamless and efficient. In addition, the customer support team helped the business with technical nitty-gritties and enabled them to adapt per industry needs.

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