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One Dashboard to Rule Them All: Maximo Moto's MyAlice Integration

Average first response time reduced.
Sales conversion increased
Average resolution time reduced
“MyAlice has brought everything together in one place, saving me the hassle of logging into multiple channels separately and streamlining my business operations.”
Muhammad Shaheer Ali
Maximo Moto

The Problem

Maximo Moto faced a significant challenge in managing multiple businesses and customer leads from various social media platforms. This caused considerable inconvenience for both the team and their customers, as representatives had to repeatedly log in and authenticate to provide support. The result was asynchronous communication, leading to a subpar customer service experience. Maximo Moto knew they needed a solution that could consolidate all their operations under one roof, creating a seamless and efficient workflow.

The Solution

Upon being introduced to MyAlice, our first action for Maximo Moto was to centralize their business platforms and social media channels within a singular, streamlined dashboard provided by MyAlice. This integration was a remarkably simple task, yet its impact was vast. As a result, Maximo Moto representatives now possess a comprehensive view of customer support, allowing them to effectively tag and respond to customer inquiries, thus providing optimal support to their customer base.

The Benefit

Maximo Moto has expressed their delight in transitioning to MyAlice, as it has allowed them to effectively manage their various businesses all under one platform. With all conversations now readily accessible in a single location, customer service representatives can ensure that no inquiry is overlooked. Maximo Moto’s average resolution time has been reduced by 207.09%. Additionally, the implementation of Agent Metrics has provided the organization with the ability to monitor the performance of support employees, leading to the rewarding of exceptional employees and incentivizing all customer service personnel to generate more revenue for Maximo Moto while maintaining their motivation.

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