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A 55% spike in sales within a week of integration: Here’s how Ichibankuji Did It

Average first response time reduced.
Sales conversion increased
Average resolution time reduced
"Alice Labs gives us a great platform with amazing support to create solutions that our clients love"
Manuel Ho
Founder & CEO, Intnt

The Challenges

With the ever-growing market, Ichibankuji began changing its business landscape to reach a wider range of clients.

Lucky Draw is one of the key attractive points of the company. But they mostly relied on paper-based draws, which were deemed more counterproductive for the company.

So they were transitioning from manual, paper-based drawings to digital. But they needed the right software tool for the job.

They are also required to switch from manual to online automated legal compliance tracking. In addition to supply chain and logistical concerns, Ichibankuji recognized the importance of raising brand and product awareness to maintain its growth.

But they also lacked another key element to reach the goal, which was not having adequate consumer information. This became one of the biggest drawbacks for them.

The Solution

Ichibankuji decided to give MyAlice a try via our partner INTNT after witnessing the impactful results we bring in. He learned all those tools that could help him run his store smarter, more effective way.

After connecting his store with MyAlice, Ichibankuji can quickly sync customers, order information, and more. And then use all of that data to customize their marketing.

MyAlice was integrated with Ichibankuji’s Whatsapp accounts to help reach out to more customers.

When a customer purchases something from Ichibankuji’s store, they are automatically added to his dashboard in MyAlice, along with their transaction data.

He can then segmentize customers based on buying behavior or use our predictive analytics tools to target clients who are likely to buy from him again.

He can even send out exclusive coupons to select sectors of the customer base to thank them for their loyalty or re-engage customers who haven't bought in a while.

This has enabled him to have a detailed segmentation of his customers. Which further allowed him to adopt marketing and management techniques to satisfy his customers and bring new customers to his shop.

He can now separate his customer base and provide exactly what each segment of customers is looking for.

The Results

With the help of MyAlice, Ichibankuji has seen a massive change in the business. Their sales increased up to 55% with a splurge of 1000 new customers. That too, without the need for advertising. Along with a bulk of 143k new messages in their store. Not just that, the chatbot errors from open case utterances which were once around 18000, went down by 75%. Live chat transfer requests were also reduced by 55%.

These changes increased the customer satisfaction level from 1.2% to 3.9%. Bringing measurable and profitable changes to the table for their business. With the help of these changes, they have matured as a company.

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