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How Pakistani Shoe company, LOGO improves Customer Experience and Service Efficiency with MyAlice

Average first response time reduced.
Sales conversion increased
Average resolution time reduced
MyAlice's inbox management system allows us to pin and save the important chats from the customer end so we can easily identify all the customer issues whenever we want.
Muhammad Waseem
eCommerce Manager, Logo Shoes Pakistan

The Problem

LOGO shoes Pakistan was used to in a way where they needed to work around many processes by themselves manually. They were expecting a more intuitive way to support their valued customers. With their previous tool, LOGO shoes could not run their eCommerce in a single dashboard for their agents. They needed to go through the tedious process of switching over multiple browser tabs for every customer interaction. Also, with this manual process, they were unable to save any chat history or pin any important conversation so that they could review those issues even after weeks. 

To cut a long story short, LOGO Pakistan felt the need to centralize customer interactions and eCommerce space to give a more unified support experience.

The Solution

After subscribing into MyAlice, LOGO found a smart way to conversate with their customers through their agents. With MyAlice’s minimal and intuitive inbox system, now LOGO agents can pin or save any important conversation to look at later. Also, with the MyAlice eCommerce integration, now LOGO agents can have all of their social media channels and eCommerce space connected in the same dashboard. Which mitigates the never solving issue of switching over multiple tabs. Also by using MyAlice Live Chat Widget in their eCommerce website, now they can get their website visitors in a centralized inbox to address.

The Benefit

After the implementation of MyAlice, LOGO has experienced significant improvements in its customer experience and service efficiency. This is mainly due to the fact that all conversations with customers are now stored in a single location, ensuring that customer service representatives have access to all relevant information and do not miss anything important even after weeks!

Also, the minimal interface helps LOGO representatives to perform with minimum clicks to do the maximum. Moreover, Agent Metrics has allowed LOGO to monitor the performance of its support staff, enabling the company to reward those who perform well. As a result, incentivizing the customer service personnel has helped to maintain their motivation, leading to an increase in revenue generation for LOGO.

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