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How MyAlice helped Priyoshop to enable WhatsApp Commerce and create an efficient way to handle huge number of customers

Average first response time reduced.
Sales conversion increased
Average resolution time reduced
With the help from MyAlice now we are offering a digital catalog for our customers. They do not need to download an additional app to shop with us. This part is very helpful for us.
Tosar Chandra Das
Asst. Manager, Product, Priyoshop

PriyoShop is the most customer centric online retailer enabling small and medium businesses to sell a wide selection of authentic products to the customers without having to invest in working capital stock. It is the ultimate online shopping destination in Bangladesh offering completely hassle-free shopping experience through secure and trusted gateways.‍

The Problem

Before subscribing to MyAlice, Priyoshop wasn't using any 360-degree support tool for their business. But the number of customers is increasing every day, and they have to ensure quality support to give them a hassle-free experience. 

Serving a huge amount of customers at a time is a hectic job itself. Without coordination and a fully functional tool, it gets even messier. And that's exactly what happened to Priyoshop. 

At this point, they needed to bring all their customer queries to a unified place to deliver a consistent customer experience in a very efficient way.

The Solution

MyAlice brings them a solution by using their WhatsApp Business API. By enabling their customers' inventory in WhatsApp Commerce, MyAlice helped Priyoshop agents answer more tickets in the quickest manner, which resulted in increasing their productivity. In addition, the company could now gather detailed insights into their sales and customers. 

As for the Priyoshop customers, now they don't have to download an additional app to look into the inventory. The digital catalog feature in WhatsApp Commerce makes it smoother than ever for customers to shop for anything within their go-to messaging channel! Also, by using MyAlice automation for WhatsApp, Priyoshop is only engaging their agents where it's necessary. Otherwise, customers are getting help by collecting the necessary information via automated FAQ replies.

Priyoshop WhatsApp Commerce

The Analytics and Metrics feature further assisted the Priyoshop team to glean valuable customer insights and provide personalized CX. And while adding so much value to the brand, MyAlice did not place a financial strain on Priyoshop.‍

The Benefits

Since implementing MyAlice, Priyoshop's customer experience and customer service efficiency have substantially improved. Every conversation is available in one place so that customer service reps don’t miss a thing. In addition, Agent Metrics enabled the organization to monitor the performance of support employees and award them accordingly. Thus, incentivising the customer service personnel has helped to maintain their motivation as they generated more revenue for Priyoshop.

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