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How Rwanda Mart transforms their customer support team into a sales powerhouse with MyAlice

Average first response time reduced.
Sales conversion increased
Average resolution time reduced
"We’re now just using one tool to maintain all our eCommerce business aspects, and that’s MyAlice."
Mohammad Es Fih

RwandaMart is a one-stop eCommerce store that offers local consumers a full selection of diverse products and services from local sellers, manufacturers, resellers and importers. The company efficiently handles everything for its vendors, from handling order fulfillment and shipping to managing returns and refunds.

The Problem

When RwandaMart was established, SMEs in the area hardly recognized the value of prompt customer service. However, RwandaMart sought to distinguish themselves from the competition by maximizing both the efficiency and quality of their customer service.

To that end, they deployed multiple CRMs, including one for tickets, another for live chat, etc. But the absence of coordination across the systems rendered omnichannel responsiveness practically difficult for the brand. In addition, the lack of harmonization required support agents to log in to multiple dashboards, which was time-consuming and cumbersome. And needless to say, acquiring these tools came with a reasonable amount of financial and administrative constraints.

Rwandamart, in a nutshell, felt the need to centralize consumer interactions and transform their customer support team into somewhat of a sales powerhouse.

The Solution

This was when RwandaMart came across MyAlice during MyAlice’s Appsumo campaign. The smooth UX of MyAlice and the unified inbox feature prompted the brand to try out MyAlice. After connecting their channels on MyAlice, RwandaMart could now reply to conversations coming from multiple channels from a single dashboard.

Furthermore, with MyAlice's drag-and-drop builder, RwandaMart was able to create a conversation flow for their chatbot, thereby auto-responding to common queries. In the words of Mohammad Fs, ‘designation’ of RwandaMart, implementing NLP on MyAlice does not require a steep learning curve, even for non-technical users.

The Analytics and Metrics feature further assisted the RwandaMart team to glean valuable customer insights and provide personalized CX. From the ease of use, various customization, and advanced reporting to world-class customer support.

MyAlice made the cut due to its intuitive user interface, extensive integrations and advanced reporting capabilities.  And while adding so much value to the brand, MyAlice did not place a financial strain on RwandaMart.

The Benefits

Since implementing MyAlice, RwandaMart's customer experience and customer service efficiency have substantially improved. in terms of numbers, they achieved “put some metric.” Every conversation is available in one place so that customer service reps don’t miss a thing. In addition, Agent Metrics enabled the organization to monitor the performance of support employees and award them accordingly. Thus, incentivizing the customer service personnel has helped to maintain their motivation as they generated more revenue for RwandaMart.

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